Latest West Africa Art Fair Features NFTs, Organizers Highlight Importance of Blockchain

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The organizers of Art X Lagos, a West Africa art exhibition, recently kickstarted a non-fungible token (NFT) art fair that features the works of African artists drawn from more than six countries. 2021 Innosilicon A10Pro+ 750MH/s Eth

Blockchain Provides Important Opportunity for Artists

In a statement made on Art X Lagos’ website, the organizers argue that blockchain is now providing digital artists with an opportunity to sell their work. They added that such a paradigm shift opens up the possibility of a more decentralized and more collaborative economy, where creators can lead the way towards a more inclusive, and more diverse society.

To demonstrate the extent of Art X Lagos’ determination, the organizers, alongside Superrare — a digital art market on the Ethereum blockchain — recently kickstarted the art fair. According to a report, the physical version of this fair began on November 4 and was expected to end on November 7. The online fair, on the other hand, is expected to end on November 21. 2021 Innosilicon A10Pro+ 750MH/s Eth

NFTs Getting More Support in Africa

Meanwhile, in their statement, the organizers also took to time to explain why they are especially supportive of NFTs. The statement explains:

As West Africa’s first international art fair, Art X Lagos recognises the importance of contributing to the development of our rich burgeoning African digital art scene, and with this project, we hope to provide a glimpse into the future of art-making and collection on the continent, whilst highlighting the enormous potential of NFTs in the development of Africa’s creative ecosystems. 2021 Innosilicon A10Pro+ 750MH/s Eth

Prior to the fair’s commencement, a prominent Nigerian artist and co-curator of the exhibition, Osinachi, was quoted expressing his appreciation of the work Art X Lagos is doing to help Africa’s digital artists.

He added that he would use his own experience as a digital artist to lay the groundwork for the success of other African artists who he says are poised to explore the space.

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