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Bitcoin uses more electricity than the entire nation of Philippines. Why is it so energy-intensive, is going greener possible?

Bitcoin uses more electricity

Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the most captivating, yet head-scratching, investments in the world. They soar in value. They crash. They’ll change the world, their fans claim, by displacing traditional currencies like the dollar, rupee or ruble. Some of them are named after dog memes. Bitcoin uses more electricity And in the process of […]

Who is Bitmain?

Who is Bitmain?

Who is Bitmain? Bitmain was originally founded in 2013 by Jihan Wu and Micree Zhan. This founding coincided with the rising of Bitcoin’s price to almost the top of the market. This helped Bitmain rise to the top of the Bitcoin mining market. Even after Bitcoin prices dropped, Bitmain remained in business thanks to smart […]

Announcement | Ethereum weekly

Mainnet The latest core developer conference [1]. Memo from Tim Beiko [2]. Discussed how to avoid bugs in OpenEthereum in the future, and is finalizing the content of the London upgrade. [1]: <>[2]: <> OpenEthereum had a bug within a few hours after the upgrade in Berlin and then it went down. Here is a detailed description of […]

The world’s first reverse Bitcoin ETF is about to come out, allowing short Bitcoin!

world’s first reverse Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin news This will provide investors with a way to short Bitcoin without having to use a margin account or short futures. The world’s first reverse Bitcoin ETF will be list on the Toronto Stock Exchange on Thursday. Which means that Canada once again leads the United States in Bitcoin trading. Although regulators refused to approve any […]

Antminer S17/S17 PRO mining machine instructions

Antminer S17 PRO mining machine

ONE. Check before using S17Pro/S17 mining machine 1. New machine signing and inspection a. When the new machine receives the receipt, check the appearance of the package for damage. If there is any damage, please take a photo first and contact WeChat customer service for processing.Antminer S17 PRO mining machine b. After unpacking, check whether […]